The most delicious foods around the world

Getting Tea Drunk in Japan’s Sencha Paradise

When I took my first trip to Japan a few years ago, I imagined Tokyo as a tea-drinker’s paradise, with funky tea cafes on every corner, serving up green tea in endless variations and a near-embarrassing degree of connoisseurship. You know, like what Seattle did to coffee. Alas, no. Coffeehouses vastly outnumber tea cafes in…


How To Shoot Food Like a Pro

Thanks to smartphones, Instagram and yada-yada-yada, food photography — or “food porn” as some freaks like to call it — is having quite its moment. You know what your cousin ate for dinner last night, and you know that Bob nailed that doughnut at lunch today. Food photography is what it is — raw info on raw food; straight shots of…


Cuba’s Finest Export: The Mojito

“It was sort of like getting thrown in a lake and not expecting it,” says Nick Detrich, co-owner of Cane & Table in New Orleans, of the mojito’s sudden spike in popularity during the early 2000s. Since then, the mojito has only become more ubiquitous. In 2011, Applebee’s started selling the cocktail in strawberry, mango…