Patricia West

UB, Mongolia

Pebble Time Round Review

Pebble, the company that had everyone thinking about smartwatches again, has had a busy year. It launched a brand new watch, the Pebble Time, this spring, complete with an entirely revamped software platform. It then followed that up with an upscale steel version. Now it’s preparing to launch the Pebble Time Round, which is, you guessed…


Cuba’s Finest Export: The Mojito

“It was sort of like getting thrown in a lake and not expecting it,” says Nick Detrich, co-owner of Cane & Table in New Orleans, of the mojito’s sudden spike in popularity during the early 2000s. Since then, the mojito has only become more ubiquitous. In 2011, Applebee’s started selling the cocktail in strawberry, mango…