Alice Johnston

UB, Mongolia

Cottoning on to the true cost of high street fashion

Globally, up to 100 million smallholder farmers depend on cotton for their income. They are, however, at the very bottom of the garment industry chain, largely invisible and without a voice, ignored by a trillion-dollar industry that cannot exist without their produce. There are many injustices in the cotton industry, which also extend to garment…


Getting Tea Drunk in Japan’s Sencha Paradise

When I took my first trip to Japan a few years ago, I imagined Tokyo as a tea-drinker’s paradise, with funky tea cafes on every corner, serving up green tea in endless variations and a near-embarrassing degree of connoisseurship. You know, like what Seattle did to coffee. Alas, no. Coffeehouses vastly outnumber tea cafes in…


Lights. Camera. Fashion.

Indelible Design The clouds rolled in across the rocky beaches of Golden Gardens. The smell of burning firewood blended alongside the overcast sky made for a perfect backdrop for Chance Fashion’s latest photo shoot, showcasing local designers around the Seattle area. A pair of low scoop back dresses created by designer Stephanie Philbrick, Find your…


Where to Buy Your Next Rug

Rug-making is an art form with traditions that reach back to ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and the nomads of Mongolia. These handwoven creations have the power, like light, to create ambiance. They also, if cared for properly, can last a lifetime. So while you could certainly snag one on your next outing to the nearest IKEA…